“I have watched all of the teams that have been in the leagues for a long time. You have created a group of boys and girls who are very disciplined and they love each other as brothers. I don’t know how you do it, but you have created family and all of us in the league have stood amazed and proud.”


Futbol League Organizer in Tijuana

“When your team from Tijuana arrived I was afraid that they would steal everything and destroy the place like some of the other ones we have had with players your age. But I am so impressed with the discipline and manners that your players have even when there are no coaches or parents present. They look tough but they act so different than everyone else. It has been a pleasure to have you stay with us. Your team give me hope for this young generation.”

Hotel Manger in Mazatlan

Hotel the The Boys Stayed at During the Tournament

“For me, the simplest way to describe the impact that the Power of Peace Project has meant to our men comes from my account of a conversation with one of them I had during the early stages of partnering with the project.  To paraphrase him, “I have seen so many good programs in all my years of being in prison.  This is the best thing that I’ve ever been a part of.”  To put it into perspective, this came from a man that has been incarcerated for a violent crime since the age of 20 and he was age 50 at the time of his participation.  That same man, who was never known to take the imitative to lead or take up any cause, has gone on to lead the Power of Peace initiative at our prison. A testimony of this magnitude clearly states the profound impact and ability this project can have on an incarcerated individual.

From an institutional standpoint, seeing men proudly wear their bracelets or shirts throughout their daily activities sends a clear message of where men stand in their values and beliefs when it comes to the practices of this project.  To see a man share his bracelet with another man in a sense of support and encouragement displays the understanding of this “movement” and the potential importance it can bring to an individual to change their life or behavior.  To have men ask me routinely during rounds, “When is Kit coming back?” and “When is the next Power of Peace?” shows the significance of this project to our population.  Finally, the Power of Peace Project is another significant activity we routinely utilize to support prison violence reduction not only for its structured content provided but for the residual impact it has left in aiding to keep our staff and offenders safer.”

Jason Bunting

Warden, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

“I am more than amazed at what you have created with your team. I have coached teams with players that same age as your, and like most players here, they don’t want to train seriously or be together with their teammates in their free time. You have created an incredible program for the boys here in Tijuana. You are a blessing from God to these kids. Take Care of them.”

Victor Lobato

Coach of Club America Youth Team

“I don’t really like or get along with the other coaches who are involved with futbol. When I saw your team and how they treat each other and how they treat players from other teams I thought it was too good to be true. So, I asked about you and your team. Everyone I asked says that Letics Sports has done something that we have never seen before with developing young men. They are great players and even greater people. From now on, if you need anything for your team you let me know. I have total respect for you and your team.”


Coach of an Opposing Team


Dear Brothers of the Peace Project,

Welcome to all of you. We are writing to you from a prison in Michigan, USA. Kit Cummings calls us the “Mighty Men of Muskegon.” Yes, we are tattooed on Kit’s arm, but it is Kit’s 40 Days of Peace Program that has left a permanent mark upon our lives.

Kit Cummings has been coming to our prisons for 4 years spreading his message of peace, freedom and prayer to hundreds of inmates. Through Kit’s help we have replaced violence with peace, hate with compassion and retaliation with communication. We seek to understand and listen to our adversaries before we judge and disrespect them. We learn that peace is an inside job and that Hope is the New Dope!

Before Kit came, many inmates felt lost in the chaos of our prison’s violence. In prison, we are taught to maintain respect through violence, to trust no one and to live only for ourselves. Kit showed us through the lives of the world’s greatest peacemakers that many of their greatest achievements began with a single action of peace. One example was Cesar Chavez who achieved great social and work reform for US Latino workers through aggressive yet peaceful measures.

Now, when we walk in the yard, we see our fellow brothers of the Peace Project wearing the wristbands and we talk. We have found a new brotherhood of men who want to get more out of life. We want better marriages. We want to be great fathers. We want to experience hope and freedom. We want to live with peace in our hearts and lives.

Things are changing here in Michigan. With Kit’s leadership, they can change for you, too.

Hope is the New Dope

The Mighty Men of Muskegon

- D – Unit -

International Peace Cup