Kit Cummings


Kit Cummings is an award winning author (Peace Behind the Wire: a Nonviolent Resolution) and international speaker with the gift to evoke goose bumps, laughter and tears in his audiences.  Whether he is speaking to large corporations, small businesses, non-profits, churches, schools – or even the toughest prisons in America, Kit spreads his energy-filled message of power, potential and positive change through his heartfelt and provocative seminars. Kit has spoken to tens of thousands of people all over the world.

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Kit presents his content in a way that is both dynamic and thought-provoking – and yet his delivery is fun and energy-filled.   His public speaking acumen was forged by speaking to actual penitentiary inmates; in fact prisoners, so he quickly acquired an ability to hold the attention of a critical audience.  But therein lies his success.   Kit’s programs help teams come together, innovative solutions be realized and inner potential to be fulfilled.   Built around timeless universal laws and principles, Kit identifies self-evident truths about unity and team-building, and puts them into action with practical next steps to meet our needs of the present and capture our hopes for the future — and does so with laughter and inspiration as the catalysts.

As an inspirational author, cutting edge teacher and international speaker, Kit Cummings delivers a phenomenal message of unlimited human power and potential. With a personal and professional pursuit of coaching and developing people for over 25 years, Kit has created a unique approach to address the most pressing and fundamental issues surrounding personal and collective achievement in a program he calls “Attitude Science”.  Combined with his gift for entertaining and engaging his audience, Kit imparts the most thought-provoking and profound truths of the human experience while also providing actionable takeaways that resonate with audience members and inspire positive change.  Prepare to be energized, elated and entertained with eye-opening content that will keep you nodding your head to these universal truths of the human condition.  Whether your team is corporate or community based; sales, management or executive; Kit’s message is contemporary, relevant and universal.   Moreover, his cutting edge perspectives and tools motivate future action, and they empower your team to strive for greater heights.  Attitude Science will help participants break through barriers – to unlock the power of our own humanity – and awaken that sleeping giant in each of us that is our personal best.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Kit earned a BBA in Marketing from the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia, and he also holds a Master of Theology. Kit founded Power of Peace Productions, Inc. and Power of Peace Project, Inc. and brings his experience working in some of the most dangerous areas in the world to bring about organizational change. Kit has inspired people to aim higher in places as far away as Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, and journeyed on speaking tours through South Africa, Mexico, Honduras and Ukraine—next up: Guatemala and India.  Kit has negotiated peace between some of the most notorious gangs in America’s under-culture, as well as speaking at the Gandhi Global Peace Summit in Durban, South Africa. Most recently Kit has taken his Power of Peace Project into Mexican prisons to work with rival gangs and cartel members as well as teens in the most dangerous area in Tijuana. Kit has authored three books, hosts Power of Peace Radio, and recently partnered with TIOC, Inc. to launch a Teen Reality Show.

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Jeff Wadstrom


Founder of The Bridge to the Future Foundation ; Chief Executive Officer and founder of Letics, Inc. ; Founder of Puente Hacia el Futuro, Mexico; Director of TI Sports (Tijuana Innovadora).

Jeff Wadstrom has made a career of going where few others are willing to go and taking light into dark and dangerous places.

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From his time working in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East to his most recent work in bringing hope to the children and prisoners in some of the most dangerous areas of Mexico, Jeff is a peacemaker and a bridge builder.

Jeff learned the power of using sports as a vehicle to begin communication, find  common ground, build partnerships to create positive change – while planting seeds of hope.

Currently Jeff and his partners are launching a program to leverage these powerful relationships to begin building bridges between countries around the world and to begin to heal the social, political, and health issues that are creating the divide. Contact Jeff to learn more about his sports development projects, elite level player and coaches training programs – as well as the peace initiative being developed on college campuses, prisons, communities and beyond.

Jeff has been married for 28 years to his patient, faithful and joyful wife Mary. Jeff and Mary have three amazing sons; Kyle, Cory and Cameron, who all want to change the world to make it a more hopeful and peaceful place for future generations.

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